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Zombie OG


Zombie OG

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Buy Zombie OG Strain Online 1oz – Legal Weed Store Plug

Zombie OG, otherwise called “Zombie Kush“, is an intensely indica predominant half breed (100% indica) that is a powerful cross of the madly well known OG Kush X Blackberry strains.

Clients depict the Zombie OG high as one that has a practically prompt beginning of an euphoric psyche soothing substantial head high that, as a result, leaves you social, upbeat, and very giggly.

This is trailed by a hard-hitting body stone that, as a result, leaves you absolutely quieted with profound thoughtfulness and lethargic vagueness. Medical Cannabis For Sale Online

Because of these intense impacts, Zombie OG is said to be a perfect strain for treating patients experiencing conditions, for example, constant torment, stress, gentle to direct instances of melancholy, and a sleeping disorder.

Zombie OG has a shockingly sensitive natural lavender pine smell and so, a sample of sweet hearty botanical pine.

These buds have little smaller thick spade-formed splendid neon green nugs with dim orange hairs and so, a fine layer of sugary white trichomes and sweet clingy tar. Buy Kush Online Cheap

Sort of High:

This weed instigates moderate cerebral high, consequently, followed by solid sedation. Elevates state of mind, diminishes pressure, and certainly, quiets the psyche.

For example, advances body unwinding, sluggishness, rest. Animates craving, as a result, has solid pain relieving properties, assists with sickness.

Hereditary qualities:

Zombie OG cannabis strain, for instance, is a combination of OG Kush and Blackberry. Medical Cannabis For Sale Online

Indica/Sativa Ratio:

Unadulterated. Buy Kush Online Cheap

Indica Normal THC/CBD Level:

18.00/21.00% THC —/ — % CBD —/ — % CBN. Kush For Sale Online

 Strain Effects:

Beneficial outcomes;

Cheerful, Giggly, Euphoric, Loose, Centered. Medical Cannabis For Sale Online


Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth, Mixed up, Cerebral pain. Buy Kush Online Cheap


Zombie OG has the accompanying smell and flavor profile; Lavender, Pine, Blue cheddar. Kush For Sale Online

Side Effects:

Zombie OG lightens the accompanying manifestations; Constant Pain, Sickness, Muscle Spasm, Agony, Joint Pain


Headache, PTSD, Wretchedness, Nervousness, Anorexia, Lower Back Pain, Joint Pain, Migraines. Kush For Sale Online

Develop Information:


Utilization Methods:


14 reviews for Zombie OG

  1. badangel00013

    This is a phenomenal weed to help you sleep, I have a relatively difficult time sleeping due to depression and anxiety and a bong hit or two of this and I’ll be going to sleep relatively soon after. Great for easing the mind of anxiety and helps to deal with depression pretty well.

  2. Yash Beil

    As someone who deals with MS on a daily basis this would be my top choice for muscle spasms or spasticity type pain especially in the lower back and legs! I believe what I got was called Zombie Kush, but this OG data fits the shoe to a tee!

  3. Jemimah Alfaro

    This was really amazing it’s been awhile since I’ve felt so relaxed. Thank you legalweedstoreplug!

  4. ChanceDowns

    Well after staring at the screen all zombied out I’m starting to write. When I bought this the name was “Purple Zombie” I can’t seem to find that strain so hoping this is the closest on Legal.Weed.Store.Plug. Great body effects, just softly flowing through you, no anxiety, total dry mouth, a little pasty eyes (need water!). Ahh!! 😀 The smell of this bud is amazing. Smells so sweet you know there are good terpenes in there. The smoke is a little heavy and slightly harsh, none of the real sweetness smelling in then blowing out. But have to say this is among one of my favourite strains.

  5. Jasper Saenz

    An incredibly calming strain. I felt relaxed when smoking, and slept well afterwards.

  6. Charlie Gilmore

    Wow. This one is for those with a high tolerance. I hit one bowl of this through a bong, and I didn’t feel anything at first. I was pretty disappointed. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, BAM! I’m standing there with my eyes closed, trying to comprehend the huge rush that’s hitting me. I guess that’s why they call it Zombie OG! Like a Zombie bite that infects you with time. Amazing strong indica that is great for pain relief, I found myself getting lost into my favourite shows in a very euphoric manner. Great one to unwind with.

  7. Whodat10

    Beautiful but very strange high. Felt like I could do anything but just couldn’t get up. Only use if your day is pretty much done cause you ain’t going anywhere after.

  8. Cornelius Cecil


    I got my hands on some first time earlier this year…up until then I thought it was too rare as it apparently a hard grow. It’s now my favourite strain…usually expensive at average 290 Oz but worth every penny

  9. captainjonjon

    Firs time ordering online from legal weed store plug, and I was sceptical to be honest, but when i received my package and tasted the quality, this easily became one of my favourite strains.

  10. zachfairchild

    This has to be the strongest hitting indica iv tried. I usually only smoke concentrate but this is an exception!
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  11. JMStei

    Wow. I loved smoking this. The flavor was really unique, and I got really high after just a few hits.

  12. mrZsame

    I was looking for something that could offer me that calmness, my gf and have been struggling with some stress that turn out to be a soft case of ptsd, so we needed something strong. When we tried this amazing strain from this guys at legal weed store plug, we were in peace, watching tv, no munchies at all, you can eat but we never felt cravings Hahahaha, what we did felt was an amazing high, no stress, super chill. This strain is one of my personal favorite indica, along with OG Kush and Northern Lights, if you have the chance, don’t hesitate.

  13. Aaron_Drake

    I ordered 2 oz of this from guys at 2 different times one was good there others never got me buzzed

  14. Snakemann69

    Never Ever Have I Given a Strain a 5 star Rating. But This Definitely Deserves it.. Nighttime Strain and Keep Food Close By Enjoy Herbalist!!

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