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Tsunami Glass Microscope Rig


Tsunami Glass Microscope Rig

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Tsunami Glass Microscope Rig

Tsunami Glass Microscope Rig. Smoke your concentrates with style and finesse with this beautiful dab rig by Tsunami Glass. Equipped with features such as: fixed downstem, showerhead percolator and sidecar mouthpiece, you can rest assured your dab sessions will be equally as smooth as its appearance.

To use, heat up the included quartz banger and gently drop in your concentrates with your dab tool. As you pull, the smoke moves into the slitted showerhead percolator. The slits in the showerhead percolator break up the smoke and create a vast amount of bubbles that filter and cool the smoke into perfection.

The Tsunami Glass Showerhead Sidecar Dab Rig comes with colored accents on the foot and sidecar mouthpiece in the following colors: blue, amber and green. Golden Tsunami Glass logo’s are placed on the body and on the mouthpiece, so you know you have a real Tsunami piece in your hands.

Get ready to be flooded with perfection and order your very own Tsunami Glass dab rig for a great price, here at Legal Weed Store Plug!

This beaker bong will stand out, in your collection with its rainbow-reflecting iridescent coating. Giving it a sheen similar to oil.

As its name implies, the Tsunami Glass Microscope Rig stands 12 inches tall and rests on a base that is 4.5″ in diameter.

Near the base of the neck, where the beaker comes into it is an ice pinch. Ready to hold all of the ice, you could ever need, to cool and filter your smoke.

This iridescent beaker comes complete with a matching downstem and bowl, each as reflective and rainbow-like as the beaker itself.

The included, 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl, fits into the downstem. Which slides into the 19mm Female joint on the beaker.

Add a bit of style to your dab sessions

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