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OG Kush


OG Kush

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Buy OG Kush Strain Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

OG Kush For Sale, however, is an American maryjane exemplary, a Southern California unique with probably the most elevated THC levels on the planet. With a 25:75 sativa/indica as a result, proportion, this strain holds back.

Above all, Expect a hard, blended high in with extraordinary happiness followed by genuine lounge chair lock. Meanwhile, the plant’s THC focus can arrive at levels as high as 19-24%.

In conclusion,That only 1 rate point not exactly the present record-holder.

The cerebral lift from OG Kush is perfect for despondency, bipolar confusion, and nervousness, while the substantial body high can help with agony and queasiness. OG Kush is likewise used to treat Alzheimer’s illness.

Dry mouth and eyes are the most widely recognized negative impacts, however migraines and distrustfulness are likewise conceivable.

This strain is a half breed, similarly,likely a relative of a female Chemdawg plant and a male Hindu Kush plant. It’s generally well known in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Colorado.

Kind of High:

However, OG Kush cannabis strain’s high is an intense and apparently everlasting stupor like a brain body soften. It will inspire you and afterward give an extravagant lethargy that closes in lounge chair lock.

Hereditary qualities:

Strain Lineage: OG Kush cannabis strain is a three-route cross between Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Old World Paki Kush cannabis strains.


OG Kush has the accompanying fragrance and flavor profile:Earth, Pine, Spicy Indications: OG-Kush mitigates the accompanying.

Side Effects:

Stress,Pain,Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain


Tension, Gloom, A sleeping disorder, Include/ADHD, PTSD, Lower Back Pain, Joint Pain, Headache, Frenzy, Disorder, Joint inflammation.

OG Kush Strain Effects:

Beneficial outcomes; Loose,Cheerful,Euphoric,Innovative,Inspired,

NEGATIVE EFFECTS; Dry Mouth,Cotton Mouth,Dry Eyes, Mixed up,

Develop Information:

Blossoming time; 56-63 DAYS, Yield; 1.96 OZ/FT 2, Tallness; 78 INCHES, Trouble; MODERATE,

Utilization Methods:

Smoke, Disintegrate, Eatable,

Where to Buy: This strain is accessible on the web. You can get them at Legal Weed Store Plug. They are a solid online supplier that offers crisp, premium-grade OG-Kush.

9 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Christopher Klinger

    I recently ordered OG Kush from you guys to try it for anxiety. And I must say it was so good, I thought I could share my experience with other clients on here.

  2. Julianne Thomas

    I am a consistent client with you guys now. And this strain helped me come out of the low moods that I was continuously facing, and now I feel much much better.

  3. Karen E. Jennings

    I just love the strains from the legal weed store plug family. They are very mild in terms of side effects, usually there are none, and these are very effective for many health issues. And I love the way these strains bring down the symptoms temporarily.

  4. Kathryn Milton

    A wonderful tasting flower.
    Super smooth and super tasty! A good mix of body and mind

  5. Walter K.

    OG Kush is exactly as you guys described above and it rocks out completely. I sometimes call this the king of the Kush clan.

  6. Andre Sherman


  7. Lara

    Consistently nice
    OG Kush offers a consistent pleasurable and relaxing experience and so is legal weed store plug.

  8. Karen

    Nothing screams weed royalty more than OG Kush. You’ve probably seen it in your favorite rappers’ video. Even if you’re an avid weed smoker, it can be hard to take on some solid OG. While it will knock you down and make you feel sleepy, it has been known to open up a lot of creative outlets in people.

    This is by far the best weed to sedate you, but without feeling too foggy in the head. Just be careful, because OG Kush hits hard. You guys are the best man.

  9. Lonnie Daniels

    og kush love!
    I love this strain, so I am always seeking it out, need I say some are better than others. This is definitely one of the better strain at legal weed store plug. Great strain flavor guys.

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