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MKU AAAA Shatter


MKU AAAA Shatter

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MKU strain, also called Master Kush Ultra, MKU is an evenly-balanced hybrid bred by the masters at TH Seeds. This strain shows potent indica effects, making it a good treatment for chronic pain, stress, depressionanxiety and neuropathies. The plant boasts light green, extra frosty buds. Its taste is fruity, citrus, herbal and spicy. Its aroma is very herbal. It won first place in the 2003 Cannabis Cup, and second in 2004. MKU strain is recommended for daytime and nighttime use. Shatter Wax For Sale | BHO Shatter For Sale | Marijuana Shatter | shatter wax

Distinguishing Features of MKU AAAA Shatter

MKU Shatter has a glass like appearance that is smooth as well as shiny. It has a dark amber to golden brown color, which is typical of this type of cannabis concentrate. MKU Shatter may look delicate with its glossy and translucent surface, but it does not easily crumble or shatter upon touching it.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of MKU AAAA Shatter

MKU strain has a relatively high concentration of THC. Some laboratory results peg it at about 20%, although some tests have revealed that its THC level can go as high as 24%.

MKU Shatter, on the other hand, has a more potent THC level ranging anywhere between 70% and 90%.

Flavors and Aromas of MKU AAAA Shatter

MKU Shatter is known for its dank and earthy scent that can also be a bit pungent. However, you will notice some fragrant tones reminiscent of lemons and other citrusy fruits. As for its taste, you will get some sweet and woody flavors with hints of refreshing citrusy fruits like lemons.

Effects of MKU AAAA Shatter

MKU Shatter is a favorite of many cannabis users for the powerful euphoric and uplifting effects that it produces. This head high is followed by a deeply sedating and relaxing body high that washes away pain, stress, and muscle cramps. MKU Shatter can also induce the munchies and increase your appetite.

Medical Conditions

There are many medical conditions that can benefit from using MKU Shatter. It can control chronic and treatment resistant pain since this strain has potent painkilling effects. It can also help stabilize mood and may be able to help patients dealing with depression, stress, as well as anxiety disorders. People with appetite loss can also benefit from this. Shatter Wax For Sale | BHO Shatter For Sale | Marijuana Shatter | shatter wax

Side Effects of MKU AAAA Shatter

Shatter, like most forms of cannabis concentrates, can produce adverse side effects especially in large doses. It can induce cotton mouth, dryness of the eyes, as well as dryness of the mouth. Its high THC level can also trigger anxiety and paranoia. Some users also report feeling dizzy after using MKU Shatter.

Where to Buy MKU AAAA Shatter

For laboratory tested and premium quality cannabis products, you can order MKU Shatter at the smart price and other cannabis concentrates from Legal Weed Store Plug. They are an online weed shop based in USA/Canada and offer fast shipment of products anywhere in the country. They also have a 24/7 live chat support should you have any questions about their products. Shatter Wax For Sale | BHO Shatter For Sale | Marijuana Shatter | shatter wax

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  1. ZenMonky

    This product tastes okay but I don’t find it very effective.

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