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Available Flavors: Orange, Lemon, Caramel and Sugar Candy.

Dosing: Each Lollipop contains 50mg of THC derived from Decarboxylated Trim

Ingredients: White Sugar, Corn Syrup, Jello, Trim.



Lollipots – Caramel (Sold in packages of two.) Sweet caramel goodness on a stick. These are delicious and potent. Easy and fun to eat. Buy Cannabis LOLLIPOTS (Cannabis Candies) : We have best quality Cannabis Lollipops for sale. These LOLLIPOTS – CARAMEL Cannabis Lolly Pops taste just like cannabis.

Firstly, Cannabis Lolly Pops are sweet and made of cannabis essence. The lollipop is  made with REAL cannabis (minus the THC). The weed lollipop that we all need, ladies and gentleman,

the LOLLIPOTS – CARAMEL.  Furthermore, we are best place to Order Cannabis Lollipops Online. Marijuana Edibles To Buy Online | Buy Marijuana Edibles Online | Buy Marijuana Edibles | Buy Marijuana Edibles Online Canada

Lollipots – Caramel is known for its high yields, massive buds, and potent full body high. It is also a favorite of many cannabis enthusiasts for its aromatic flavor.

Its classic Indica effects have made it one of the go-to strains if you’re after some deep relaxation. Marijuana Edibles To Buy Online | Buy Marijuana Edibles Online | Buy Marijuana Edibles | Buy Marijuana Edibles Online Canada

Distinguishing Features:

The buds of Lollipots – Caramel are deep purple in color with bright orange hairs adorning each massive nugget. A thick, generous layer of frosty-white crystals cover the buds. Its leaves are dark green in color with lovely shades of purple.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile:

The THC level of Lollipots – Caramel is potently at 17% to 27%. It has a CBD level ranging between 0.01% and 0.27% as well as a CBN level of about 0.01% to 0.62%.

Lollipots – Caramel also has the following cannabinoids: 0.1% CBDA, 0.4% CBGA, 0.3% CBC, and o.1% CBDA.

The terpene profile of Lollipots – Caramel includes linalool, myrcene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene. It also contains humulene and terpinolene.


Grapes and berries, this is what Lollipots – Caramel’s aroma and flavor are all about. It smells sweet with strong fruity notes of berries and grapes. It tastes just as sweet as well with its berry and grape flavors and hints of citrus and pine.


An Indica-dominant strain, Lollipots – Caramel delivers a powerful mind and body high. However, it quickly tapers down into a smooth and deep body buzz. In larger doses, Lollipots – Caramel can induce sleep.

Its mental effects can be pretty potent. It can instantly calm your mind and wash away all your worries and stress. It can also uplift your mood and leave you in a happy, euphoric bliss.

Its relaxing effect is deep and heavy. Not only can it produce a full body relaxation, but it can also ease away all your body aches and pain.

Lollipots – Caramel is known to pack a powerful high. So novice users are advised to dose carefully and slowly to prevent unwanted side effects.

Be warned though; Lollipots – Caramel produces the munchies. It would be wise to have some snacks ready when the munchies hit.

Medical Conditions:

Lolli-pots – Caramel is the perfect strain for nighttime use. It refreshes your mind by reducing stress and anxiety. It also calms your mind and stabilizes mood. Lolli-pots – Caramel also relaxes the muscles and allows you to have a pain-free night.

These therapeutic effects can benefit individuals suffering from insomnia. It can also help patients with mood problems like anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic stress, and depression.

Its powerful sedating and painkilling effects can relieve chronic pain. It can reduce pain caused by gastrointestinal problems, muscle spasms, migraine headaches, arthritis, nerve pain, and fibromyalgia. It can even benefit women suffering from PMS.

Other medicinal effects of Lollipot – Caramel include nausea control and appetite stimulant. People with eating problems like anorexia can benefit from these effects.

Where to Buy Marijuana Edibles To Buy Online:

Lolli-pot – Caramel is available online from trusted cannabis stores like Legal Weed Store Plug. For $10, they will deliver premium grade, fresh Lolli-pot – Caramel to your preferred address. Marijuana Edibles To Buy Online


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