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Lemon Skunk


Lemon Skunk

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The Lemon Skunk strain is a lemon meringue pie in the form of cannabis. Tasty from the first bite puff to the last. It’s happiness in a green nug.

Lemon Skunk is an award-winning sativa–hybrid from the friendly folks at DNA genetics. The strain is a cross between 2 skunk variations that produced a heavenly citrus aroma.


Lemon Skunk features tall buds with dark green hues. The plant tends to grow fairly tall, which may not be suitable for every indoor operation. At this point it’s obvious, but the strain reaks of citrusy goodness. The sweet flavour and scent also feature a hint of musky pepper.

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Lemon Skunk Effects + Benefits

Consuming Lemon Skunk is like toking a bolt of lighting. Users are instantly hit with a surge of cerebral energy, which fills the mind with a sense of focus. The enhanced focus is great for studying, playing video games, reading, writing and getting creative.

As this strain is a hybrid, the mental energy is followed by a sedating body-stone. It doesn’t produce a couch-lock, but in heavier doses may produce lethargy and eventually lead to sleepiness.

Medicinally speaking, it works wonders for chronic pain, thanks to its uplifting high, without completely knocking the user out. Online Dispensary | Legalweedstoreplug | Buy Weed Now

Picture this:

When chronic pain takes over, bending down to tie your shoes is hard. Playing sports and working out become hopes and wishes. Just the thought of picking up your children makes you wince in pain. With LS, get back to doing the things you love.  

Don’t let life waste away because of pain and depression. Make self-loathing and immobility part of the past. Lemon Skunk is the medicine you’ve always been waiting for.

Lemon Skunk | Online Dispensary | Legalweedstoreplug | Buy Weed Now

Up to 20-22% THC

Flavours: EarthySweetWoody

Effects: HappyRelaxedUpliftedEuphoricEnergetic

Medical: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches

12 reviews for Lemon Skunk

  1. Angeltendons

    Really lovely!! Smells wonderful and very pretty buds. Tastes alright and high is wonderful. Very euphoric and relaxing.

  2. danaetracy

    Review On Legal Weed Store Plug Lemon Skunk:
    Pretty good average weed. Doesn’t get you stuck or high beyond skies but it gets the job done. Keeps you up and active, doesn’t make you lazy or sleepy. The smell for sure lives up to its name!

  3. KevinG420

    This was the top strain at a dispensary in Mass. me and my wife went to. And we were privillage to order this strain off legal weed storeplug and we honestly loved it. Very pungent smelling but extremely smooth and mellow vibes🤙🏼

  4. HighAsaKite909

    Very nice stimulating strain for those on the autism spectrum and the anxieties related to it. Legal Weed Store Plug highly recommended online dispensary.

  5. johnathanrabideau

    Tastes like where I was born. I love the CBN / THC for full spectrum. Most of the time is available in Maryland!!! There is even enough indica properties for me to enjoy this at night !!!

  6. vitalsixthsense

    The lemon flavor seems to help with depression better than others. Wonderful flavor@@@. If you have trouble ordering quality weed online, try this guys out. Your money will worth every penny.

  7. alikatze

    The terpenes in this strain are the bomb – in fact, anything with this strain in it will make you smile and feel upbeat about the world. Another go-to strain for me; I couldn’t find this strain locally until i came across your website, I ordered 1/2lb and it was delivered to me couple of days later. Thanks legal weed store plug.

  8. Cactusfairy

    Favorite all time wake and bake or early evening socializing… I usually can’t go to sleep if I smoke this after like 7… lol It’s still my all tile favorite strain from you guys so far!!

  9. kaytrox

    This is a keeper! when people talk about taste, they say citrus, skunk, gas, cheese, etc. I’ve been smoking for over 45 years, and there is that one taste that I have found GUARANTEES that you will get really stoned. I refer to it as the ‘piss on the fire’ taste, and this one has it all the way. Gets you really high, and it lasts a long time. What more can you ask?

  10. Bowen Joseph

    Find this strain very beneficial for the treatment of muscle spasm.

  11. James Howell

    This is the strain that provides desirable pain relief for me. I’m go glad that it really does work.

  12. Janice Alday

    A brilliant strain for chronic pain

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