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Lamb’s Bread


Lamb’s Bread

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Strain Name: Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is an evenly-balanced hybrid of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. It was created by crossing Herojuana (an Indica strain) with Lamb’s Bread (a Sativa strain). Weed For Sale

This strain is popular for its strong sedative and analgesic effects. However, this particular cannabis strain is not recommended for first-time users due to its high THC levels. weed bowls for sale

Brief History of Lamb’s Bread

5 Star Organic created by crossing Herojuana with this strain. Named after an infamous gang of cannabis smugglers called Black Tuna Gang. buy weed online usa | Weed For Sale

Its breeders say that this strain was created for medicinal purposes. In fact, many people prefer this strain for its strong analgesic effects. buy weed online usa | Weed For Sale

Distinguishing Features of Lamb’s Bread

The buds of this strain are slightly round, compact, and densely covered by rich silvery white trichomes. They are dark green in color with purplish hues. Rich orange hairs wrap around the buds. weed bowls for sale

The leaves of this strain are a vibrant shade of sage with tinges of dark green. weed bowls for sale

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of Lamb’s Bread

Known for its high THC content which typically ranges between 22% and 30%. CBD level is usually about 0.9%.

It is rich in terpenes, giving this strain its distinctive taste and aroma. Meanwhile, it’s rich terpene profile also contributes to the medicinal effects of this strain. buy weed online usa | Weed For Sale | weed bowls for sale

Flavors and Aromas of Lamb’s Bread

This strain has a distinctive pungent and earthy aroma that is also a bit skunky. It tastes skunky and woody as well with hints of spicy and herbal flavors. Weed For Sale | weed bowls for sale | buy real weed online

This strain  also has a bit of cheese flavor that makes this strain all the more interesting and flavorful.

Effects of Lamb’s Bread

Because this strain has a high THC level, you can expect to feel an immediate mental high. You will feel lighter, happier, and more elated. As its physical high takes effect, you will soon feel relaxed and calmer.

Of note though, this strain can produce powerful munchies. Weed For Sale | weed bowls for sale

Medical Conditions

This strain is perfect for evening use. It can relax the muscles and wash away pain. Coupled with its sedative effect, this strain allows you to have a restful sleep, perfect for people suffering from insomnia. Weed For Sale

Where to Buy Lamb’s Bread

You can order this bud online from Legal Weed Store Plug. buy weed online usa | buy real weed online

Effects: HappyEnergeticUpliftedEuphoricCreative

Medical: Stress, Depression, FatigueInflammationPain

Flavours:  EarthyWoodySpicy/Herbal

5 reviews for Lamb’s Bread

  1. Eleanor Marsden

    If I could give more stars I would this is by far my favorite strain. In my younger days I would get myself into some kind of stressful situation and this strain took me from high strung and angry to feeling euphoric and wondering why I was ever upset in the first place. Also can knock pain down about five notch’s on the owwww scale.

  2. Jonas smith

    This really helped my bruh allevaite bodily pain…..

  3. smith stone

    You guys really made everything cool for me… I love your service of delivery

  4. Christopher jones

    Nice doing business with you guys….

  5. James R. Johns

    Great strain – I bought it for my friend that has arthritis. We mix it in with chocolope mostly. Great pain relief and good daytime high. 5 stars! Great quality and packaging as well.

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