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Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies aren’t cookies your parents brought home for you as a kid. Also known as GSC, this strain are a classic strain in the making. Celebrity and cannabis king Berner teamed up with Cookie Farms to produce this beauty. Done so by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison, GSC is a staple of any good stash. Girl Scout Cookies Weed For Sale



With 2 wildly popular parent strains in OG Kush and Durban Poison, Cookie Farms could do no wrong. The Hybrid strain is remarkable to look at, with tall and dense light green buds. The fragrance is sweet, with a hint of citrus in the flavour. A sweet and peppery spice fills the profile, creating an easy to smoke experience.

Girl SC Effects + Benefits

When consuming Girls Scout Cookies, you will notice an immediate rush. A surge of energy fills the mind, bringing forth a more in-depth understanding of strange concepts. Often people see having an increased interest in socializing and communicating.

GSC distorts time, leaving people to feel hours have passed when, in reality, it’s been minutes. You won’t mind, though, it means more laughs in less time.

While you wouldn’t consider Girl Scout Cookies a traditional couch-lock, it’s effects are borderline sedating. Higher doses induce a lethargic, slug-like state, but medium to low doses yield a mildly energetic experience. Which may be a blessing, because GSC makes food taste better, and who likes to eat while moving around anyways? Girl Scout Cookies For Sale

Girl Scout is a recreational favourite,

But don’t sleep on it as a medicinal strain. Or maybe relaxing is precisely what you want, as larger doses treat cases of insomnia. Aside from insomnia, GSC alleviates depression, pain and loss of appetite. Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online | Buy Girl Scout Cookies 

If you couldn’t say no to the little cookies sold by girl scouts across North America, then how can you say no to this gorgeous strain? Don’t forget to pick up a box on the way home. 

Up to 26-28% THC and 1% of CBD


Flavours: EarthySweetWoody

Effects: HappyRelaxedUpliftedEuphoricEnergetic

Medical: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches

20 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies

  1. itsjust_thatguy

    Love the high i get from this strain. Eases my mind and relieves my pain. Vape it in the day time to get me through tasks, and in the night time it gets even better as it lures me to sleep, perfect for my insomnia. Long lasting high, very cerebral. I always grab some from LWSP anytime i need it.

  2. StonePhoenixFire11

    As a patient, that deals with daily migraines, this is the ideal strain to address that, hands down for the quality! It does have that sweet cookie-like smell, very tasty!

  3. Toasty_Tiff

    Love GSC! I was looking for a strain I could use to take the edge off while still being functional. And i found it here. I don’t notice major munchies, but a gentle cerebral high that’s easy to remain functional through. Perfect for during the day to help with daily stress.Thank you guys.

  4. jacUSMC

    I usually stick to pure indica strains since most sativa blends will cause too much of a head high for me, but GSC was a very pleasant surprise. Yes you do get the expected head high but it’s complemented nicely by a sense of relaxed calm throughout the body. This is my favorite day time strain and will be ordering it again.

  5. MarcD.

    Man this strain is booooom 💥💯. I experience absolutely no anxiety/paranoia while using GSC! 🙂

  6. Toriaellis

    We had a great experience! Fun time as well

  7. DColeman76

    This is my favorite strain of all. I love GMO 🍪, girl scout, Grandma Bubby.. All the Cookies!!! ❤❤❤

  8. Bronuts

    Good strain for unwinding and chillin on the couch. I wouldn’t say it helps insomnia, I’ve only smoked this 3 times, but it may help you with it. Solid strain from Legal weed store plug.

  9. Nateness01

    Unbelievable. I got the most incredible rush together with TOTAL pain relief and relaxation, plus, I could focus. Every word in the book I was reading took on clarity, every paragraph. What a literally mind-blowing and calming strain! Love it. Am ordering another 1 ounce. Totally Worth it these people – legalweedstore.

  10. Christopher Hearns

    i had this strain back in the day when i first started smoking and it changed the game for me. 10/10 would recommend these people to those looking for quality

  11. Roxana W. Skinner

    girl scout cookies were awful. These made us all cough an insane amount, most likely the strain.

  12. Marquerite M. Caylor

    Love these! So handy, burn very well! Highly recommend.

  13. Kathy T. Thomas

    Best high I’ve had in a long time…thanks a lot guys

  14. William D. Belmont

    This bud has a genuine citrus taste, wonderful smell! Every time I smoked this bud I enjoyed a flavorful taste. I felt appreciative and happy!!

  15. Judy Oleary

    I haven’t smoked weed in 5 years. This GSC stuff is great. It smells like citrus. II’ve had some silly laughs. It’s great for watching movies, listening to music and staring at the trees. Do it up . .

  16. KungFuCookies

    This is one of the best strain i have ever ordered from you guys. 🙌👌👍✔🤧🔥💨

  17. empireogGANGSTA

    very good strain! for a decent price!

  18. Stpz.ellii

    Recently grabbed an 1oz of this from legalweedstoreplug (grower was Ilera @ 26% THC) and can certainly say it’s a very calming strain and good fo anxiety. Definitely has me munchin’ more than usual too. Will be buying again.

  19. godylan2018

    got this in a cart, makes me feel euphoric

  20. Sorry_Hannah

    So here’s the deal: don’t take 3 bong rips of this if you’re brand new to smoking weed, or haven’t smoked in a long time. Otherwise, everything will start spinning, you will lose sense of who you are, and you will throw up half a bag of potato chips and ruin your friend’s bonfire. After that, the next 24 hours was an energized bliss. Got a lot done.

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