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Evolab Chroma™ Cartridge


Evolab Chroma™ Cartridge

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Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug. You want the best and you want it straight up. That’s exactly what you get with Chroma™. It’s the most potent, consistent, and refined vape oil there is.

With pharmaceutical grade extraction technology and zero additives or cutting agents, nothing impedes its uncompromising flavor and potency. When you’re all in, you want Chroma purity. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

In convenient iHit™ disposables, environmentally friendly refillable cartridges and easy-to-use refill syringes. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge online. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug



Chroma is a truly pure blend of cannabinoids and a unique hybrid blend of cannabis terpenes that provide a consistent, reliable, and, most importantly, effective experience. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

An uncompromising oil that delivers – without additives, artificial terpenes, or cutting agents. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

  • All-In-One (300mg) – THC blend or 3:1 CBD blend
  • All-In-One (1000mg) – THC blend
  • Cartridge (500mg) – THC blend or 3:1 CBD blend
  • Refill Kit (1000mg) – THC blend



100-percent pure cannabis concentrates are too viscous and thick for modern vape cartridges. Oftentimes, the solution is to add questionable cutting agents like PG, VG, PEGs, glycerin, or Vitamin E oil/Vitamin E acetate to further liquify the concentrate. Oil Cartridges For Sale | Buy Oil Cartridges Online | buy sativa oil cartridge

At Evolab, we use nothing but cannabis in our products, which means developing a wholly unique process to extract and purify cannabis terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids into what we call CDCA, a Cannabis-Derived Cutting Agent. With nothing in between you and the plant, you can rest comfortably enjoying Evolab’s entire line of products.



CO2-EXTRACTED CANNABINOIDS: Advanced CO2 extraction technology results in pure cannabinoids & terpenes – no hydrocarbons or residual solvents.

About Evolab

Evolab is a pioneer in using chromatography and CO2 to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts. The company manufactures a full range of cannabis extracts and infused products rich in terpenes and pure cannabinoids — while remaining free of solvents, cutting agents and diluting additives. Buy Evolab Chroma Cartridge online

1 review for Evolab Chroma™ Cartridge

  1. DK

    It works really good, Has extra sharp diamond cut teeth that are the strongest teeth on the market!!

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