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Buy Cinderella 99 Strain Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

Cinderella 99, this clinical maryjane strain which is frequently called as C99 as a result, was initially evolved by ‘Siblings Grimm’.

This is one among the half and half strains which was however, made by intersection Jack Herer with Shiva Skunk. Moreover, this is a sativa-predominant strain and its indica/sativa proportion are seen as 15:85.

As a result, the THC level of this strain is seen as around 22%. This was however, among the ‘Main 10 Strains of 2009’ list in the High Times. Buying Weed In Boston

Moreover, the plant has all the earmarks of being light-green hued with orange-shaded hairs everywhere. Consequently, various gems can be found in all pieces of the thick bud.

At the point when utilized, this strain will radiate a piney enhance with traces of fruity flavor. Cinderella 99 is seen as useful for daytime use with its belongings going on for as long as an hour and a half. Buy Weed Near Me

In addition, the clients of this strain have discovered that this strain would help adapting to the issues of hurt, torments, stress, tension, sadness and even headaches.

This cannabis strain is likewise useful in backing out irritation, expanding hunger and battling sickness. This is additionally seen as a successful vitality promoter for the patients having weariness. Buy legal Medical Marijuana Online

Sort of High:

Meanwhile, cinderella 99 pot strain initiates solid euphoric cerebral high. Moreover, lifts vitality, advances socialization and giggling.

As a result, may cause coasting, zero-gravity body sensation. To sum up, it elevates mind-set, lightens despondency, calms pressure, loosens up the body. Buying Weed In Boston

Indica/Sativa Ratio:

For example; Buy Weed Near Me

Half and (half Sativa/half Indica).

Normal THC/CBD Level:

For example; Buy legal Medical Marijuana Online

18.00/24.25% THC 0.53/0.08% CBD 0.01/0.05% CBN.

Cinderella 99 Strain Effects:

For example; Buying Weed In Boston

Constructive outcomes;








Dry Mouth,

Dry Eyes,




For example;

Cinderella 99 has the accompanying fragrance and flavor profile;





For example;

Cinderella 99, for instance, mitigates the accompanying indications;



Muscle Tension,



For example;




Dietary problems,


Bipolar Disorder,


Lower Back Pain

Develop Information:

Blooming time:49-63 DAYS,

Yield:6 OZ/FT 2,

Height:30 INCHES,


Utilization Methods:



11 reviews for CINDERELLA 99

  1. Matthew M. Beer

    This one is great, light and fun! Had a great laugh!

  2. Troy S. Akin

    cinderella99 weed is a great day-time cannabis. It felt great, energetic and quite focused. Fresh as well, big deal for me. Sticky!)

  3. Eduardo A. Knapp

    A super nice and light sativa. I have already tried a few and this one, surprisingly is pretty cheap but a truly high quality and potent.

  4. Jason S. Nelson

    Nice smell! True quality! Very balanced, a good purchase this one was! legalweedstoreplug!

  5. Dominik s.

    Overall good Experience
    Yes the quality and service is good, but for the money you guys could throw some Papers or a lighter in.

  6. horizons609

    Amazing for depression.

  7. JordanM1087

    This is 1 of my go to strains. Starts off mellow then creeps in and hits ur hard but ur still able to fully function. Grade A!

  8. Mark W.

    Solid Stuff
    LEGALWEEDSTOREPLUG Cinderella 99 gave me an initial clear-headed energy that faded into deep relaxation. The taste and effect seemed to overlap with LEGALWEEDSTOREPLUG’s Jack Herer a bit . Not exactly the best daytime strain for me, but it’s another solid offering from LEGALWEEDSTOREPLUG.

  9. Abdul M.L

    I like it, very tranquilizing but I’ve seen better at LWSP, dont miss the Cinderella 99

  10. Erick J.

    Very nice!
    Very nice packaging and Cinderella 99 was very relaxing and smooth to have!

  11. Orion Phan

    I find that I may get a better body high off a 16% THC weed that I do with ~ 30% THC. Either way it is amazing. Most of all it energized me and cures Fatigue and Chronic Pain from Lyme Disease Symptoms too.

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