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Chemdawg | Real Weed For Sale | Buy Weed Online Without Medical Card

With a close even harmony among sativa and indica (sativa/indica proportion of 45/55), Chemdawg, otherwise called Chemdog, conveys on the two fronts. A reasonable cerebral high drives innovativeness while a stony, drowsy body high battles sleep deprivation and loosens up the muscles. This strain has THC levels up to 19%, which means it’s more powerful than most. It has an incredible hot, plant-like taste and as a result, smell with a trace of diesel; that is to say, the fragrance alone can make snoopy neighbors aware of even a deliberately disguised pot develop.

As anyone might expect, Chemdawg is utilized to deliver Sour Diesel, which is moreover, one of the world’s most well known strains. Little is thought about Chemdawg’s history or hereditary qualities, however there are urban legends including a Grateful Dead show, a bunch of seeds, and a cultivator named Chemdog. Best for tension and torment, this strain is additionally useful with sorrow and ADHD, just as headaches, joint inflammation, and PMS. Dry mouth and dry eyes are conceivable when utilizing this strain, while opposite symptoms are more outlandish. Chemdawg is generally well known on the West Coast, in Nevada, and in Colorado. It’s conceivable to discover on the underground market  but, however, doesn’t come around frequently. Medical Cannabis For Sale UK

Kind of High:

Chemdawg canabis strain incites a calming body buzz and so, loosening up cerebral high with a disposition lift and continuous space-out holes. This is caught up with apathy and however, love seat lock. Meanwhile, beginning like Sour Diesel. Buy Weed Online Without Medical Card

Hereditary qualities:

Chemdawg cannabis strain is a cross indica for example, of OG Kush and Sour Diesel cannabis strains.

Indica/Sativa Ratio:

Indica Dominant Hybrid (for example, 45% Sativa/55% Indica). Real Weed For Sale

Normal THC/CBD Level:

For example,  15.00/21.83% THC 0.75/1.50% CBD —/0.07% CBN. Medical Cannabis For Sale UK

Chemdawg Strain Effects: Real Weed For Sale

Constructive outcomes; For example,


Dry Mouth,
Dry Eyes,
Cotton Mouth,

Flavors: Medical Cannabis For Sale UK

Chemdawg has the accompanying fragrance and flavor profile;


Chemdawg for example, reduces the accompanying side effects:

Loss Of Appetite

Ailments: For example,

Sleep deprivation,
Lower Back Pain,
Joint inflammation,
Rest Disorders,
Frenzy Disorder,
Bipolar Disorder

Develop Information;

Blooming time:49-63 DAYS,
Yield:2.6 OZ/FT 2,
Height:78 INCHES,

Utilization Methods:


6 reviews for Chemdawg

  1. Ronnie B. Alvarado

    Excellent strain, all around. The buds are gorgeous, the smell of citrus is very unique and pleasing. The high is a very happy one, but very heavy. Great for if you’re at home alone or with friends. I wish I got more than an 1/8th.

  2. Harley E. Hughes

    Happy-heady dank creative euphoria!

  3. John J. Greeson

    Very pleasant, energetic effects. Definitely a creative juice enhancer. The perfect companion to a walk in the woods or anywhere in Nature.

  4. Muriel A. Chivers

    Always good. If you really want to fly high mix it with Moby Dick and Grape God and call the mix chemdawg.

  5. Evan M. Perry

    Strong and relentlessly psychoactive. A glorious mind-fuck!

  6. Michael L. Richards

    taking two or three puff, puff pauses three or four times per day, helps ease some of my fibro symptoms. For example, Fibromyalgia makes it almost impossible to stand still and remain upright with my eyes closed. When I do, I am overcome with vertigo and feel as if the floor is coming up to hit me in the face. A few puffs of Super Lemon Haze and I’m able to close my eyes in the shower again! My experience with this cannabis strain was uplifting and productive. It helped clear my fibro fogged head. Most def my current fave for daytime, especially if I want to get things done. A great strain that delivers a great mood for me, every single time.

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