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Bruce Banner #3


Bruce Banner #3

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Bruce Banner 3 Kush

Bruce Banner 3 cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant strain named after a comic book hero Bruce Banner 3. She is best known as its alter-ego “The Incredible Hulk“. Being true to its name, this Bruce Banner 3 is bright green, has big buds and high THC content, delivering a strong punch. The effect quick and long lasting, mainly cerebral, characterized by energy buzz and creativity boost. Bruce Banner #3 marijuana is good for social interactions and banishing the blues, well suited for daytime use.


Lineage: OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel strains.

Type of High

This marijuana strain induces strong cerebral high. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social interactions. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relaxes the body, relieves stress, has good analgesic properties.

Brief History

This strain is a cross between the all-time favorite OG Kush and equally potent Strawberry Diesel. Aptly named, this strain delivers a quick and powerful high.

The mental and physical effects are evenly balanced, making it a go-to strain of many cannabis enthusiasts.

Distinguishing Features

This strains has enlongated leaves or oval in shape. They have a bright green color interspersed with reddish orange hairs. The buds are generously peppered with frosty, silvery-white trichomes.

The slender leaves of this strain are dark green in color with hues of rich magenta and purplish-red.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

Some laboratory reports show that the THC level of this strain can range anywhere between 24% and a high of 29%. It has a CBD level of about 1% and CBN level of about 1% as well.

Other cannabinoid profile also includes 0.10% CBG as well as less than 0.01% CBC.

Flavors and Aromas 

This strain has a pungent yet sweet and floral aroma with hints of strawberry. You`ll also get some hints of diesel. Buy Bruce Banner 3 Seeds | Bruce Banner 3 Review | Bruce Banner 3 Strain For Sale | Bruce Banner 3 Canada

As for its flavors, it has a sweet taste with strong hints of strawberry and other berry fruits. You`ll also notice some chemical or diesel like taste upon exhalation.


Expect a quick and potent head high as a result, of this strain. It delivers a powerful, euphoric buzz that relaxes your mind and increases your creativity.

As its physical effects kick in, you will feel your muscles relaxing, the pain draining from your body. however, Your energy level will increase as a result. bruce banner 3 strain for sale

Medical Conditions

This strain is the perfect strain for afternoon use. It relieves your pain, eases your fatigue, reduces your headache, and relaxes your muscles. You are going to enjoy better sleep, with no pain.

This strain stabilizes mood. It may benefit people suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

Where to Buy This Kush

If you want to order this strain, look for a good provider that offers fresh, premium-grade buds like Legal Weed Store Plug. Buy Bruce Banner #3 Seeds | Bruce Banner #3 Review | Bruce Banner #3 Strain For Sale | Bruce Banner #3 Canada

Flavours: EarthySweetWoody

Effects: HappyRelaxedUpliftedEuphoricEnergetic

Medical: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches

18 reviews for Bruce Banner #3

  1. Ken F.

    Really Good 👍×5

  2. Sylvester A.

    First delivery
    Great website & on time delivery, I will use them again . It would’ve been nice to get 1st time purchase discount

  3. Richard

    Great Customer Service!
    One of the most professional services I’ve ever dealt with to date. Ludwig the delivery person assigned to me was incredibly accommodating to my social distancing demands. LegalWeed StorePlug are very informative and addressed all my needs.

  4. Hemrich

    My #1 Fave everything about it keeps my inner monster contained…energy levels are high, and my chronic pain is of no concern….simply put with BB at my side, sh$t gets done!!!!

  5. Trilly_Q_420

    Best strain for sleep. Once you finish a bowl, you’re like, where the fuck am I? the neck and head tingles are A+. buy it today at your local dispensary. come smoke with me. warm, sugary buds with tons of resin.

  6. jedNoroG

    Strong relaxation, but a little one-dimensional high. Good to watch a movie on the couch after a hard day then go to sleep. Strong but not so much fun like other strains.

  7. Tim F. Muse

    Like normal bruce banner, SLH is a very intense high both physically and mentally. It combines a speedy and energizing mental high characteristic of powerful sativas with the body high of a powerful indica. The powerful cerebral effects can quickly become uncomfortable for those with anxiety or psychotic disorders, so it’s best to be cautious if you have either. brb is however, a great smoke for those that need pain relief but can’t afford the sedation caused by heavier indica strains. The terpene profile of this strain is incredibly similar to the related lemon haze, being predominantly lemony and sour. The distillate of this strain I tried was very sweet and lemony on the inhale, almost like the bruce head candy.

  8. Tommy I. Jones

    Really nice sativa effects with a mellow body high added in. Great taste as well. This is some fine smoke all around. A+

  9. Harold R. Libbey

    Very convenient for just having a quick smoke

  10. Edward N. Jennings

    oh shit i Love this strain! Great rolled Joints and I didn’t realized until the second one but I love the paper they use to roll and it doesn’t make my throat sore! So tasty.

  11. Tracy F. Omar

    Death bruce banner were great, burned nicely.

  12. Mario S. Criswell

    This is good stuff! Much better than the free randoms that get included. Quality bud in these prerolls. HA Rocks!

  13. John C. Hicks

    taste was there and so was the high, great roll too!!

  14. Jonathan L. Tighe

    Solid and convenient. Great for going to a movie or dinner after work if you don’t have time to roll.

  15. Walter Lynch

    gives me some serious couch lock. perfect for before bed or with friends but you can still function somewhat in the day if you need too. wouldn’t suggest smoking this if you got shit to do though.

  16. italsixthsense

    We have this in Maryland for medical now but really scares to get until i met these guys online. BB is def. one of the best around. Nothing is ever going to keep BB down. Legal Weed Store Plug 🙌👍👌 for the quality of this strain.

  17. Barker

    LWSP Bruce Banner #3
    I can’t find the Email for my 1oz purchase of Bruce Banner #3, so I’m putting my rating here with Cactus Cooler which is very Good 5*…Bruce Banner #3 one of the BEST I’ve tried👍

  18. JT3

    BB#3 is worth trying for the buzz alone. It’s a major pain killer that will keep you focused and alert. For me the buzz numbed my body. That alone was enough for me. I’m not in love with the flavor, not that it’s bad, but it wasn’t special. 🤪

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