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Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck (Alaskan Thunderfuck) marijuana strain , also known as ATF or Matanuska Tundra is an epic sativa strain that is known for its heavy-hitting high and extreme THC concentration is a potent Sativa that originates from Mataniska Valley in Alaska.
The effects kick-in almost immediately after inhaling. Beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid excessive hyperactivity, paranoia and couch lock.
Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana is a good morning and daytime strain due to its uplifting Sativa nature. This girl will take your mind for a happy joy ride without heavy after-effect. Buy Weed | Cannabis Store Near Me

Type of High

Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria and feeling of happiness. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social interactions. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relieves stress, increases mental focus.


Aka: Alaskan Thunderfuck or ATF. Alaskan Thunder Fuck cannabis strain is a non – hybrid pure Sativa.

Flowers late and long outdoors, but normally speeds up when grown indoors.  The structure has definite Afghani influences, but the flowers are fox tailed with thick,

ropey pistols that keep their thickness and prominence when dried.  That is to say, ATF rather take strong feeding and produce well.

Qualities Of Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Overwhelmingly potent at times for some users, the ATF packs a strong Sativa punch that uplifts the mood but often leaves the user with no ability to do anything other than hang on for the ride.

Strong body relaxation and mood elevation combine with appetite stimulation and ocular relief to make ATF a particularly medicinal Sativa.

10 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck

  1. William A. Shaul

    Absolutely amazing huge and resinous buds! That’s one of the best sativa I had so far. It smells and taste good like a fine cigar and it gently puts this insomniac to sleep.

  2. Matthew G. Hester

    It blew my mind, best I have ever tried. May be even too much for me) I never coughed so hard after just 2 hits…Smoked at 6 pm – was high for the rest of the night. Wow!

  3. Daniel J. Null

    It blew my mind, best I have ever tried. May be even too much for me) I never coughed so hard after just 2 hits…Smoked at 6 pm – was high for the rest of the night. Wow!

  4. David K. Burns

    Great sativa, I always drink a lot of water before bed if I smoke pure sativa. I appreciate this particular weed from you guyz a lot! It is a true helper for me. Very relaxing, very calming, great sleep! Thank you!

  5. Charles B. Martinez

    it is one of the best I have tried from many online dispensaries. Good job!

  6. Ali

    Good service
    Everything was good thanks

  7. Simon

    Cool delivery crew,cheers

  8. Johnnie Bruner

    Queen Size – Top Shelf Bud

  9. 420intheD

    A potent sativa. Great to share with a friend and feel free to laugh together. Smells fruity and earthy. Tastes sweet and kinda pine-ish. If you are not a “seasoned” smoker, you may want to start with smaller doses. You will still enjoy this smoke.

  10. Pavel

    Is a great strain for boosting libido. Great focused effect

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