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AK 47


AK 47

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Buy AK 47 Marijuana Strain Online – Legal Weed Store Plug

Having a down day that just won’t turn around? You’ve tried everything. Gone for a walk, meditated, exercised, took a nap and tried listening to some upbeat tunes. All to no avail. The gloomy feeling still persists. Don’t worry, because AK 47 will turn that frown upside down.  AK 47 | Buy Cannabis Online At Legal Weed Store Plug | MMJ Dispensary



Not often do strains with such relaxing and upbeat features get a name like AK 47. It’s a cross between Mexican, Thai, Colombian and Afghani lineage. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Ak47 features a sour and earthy scent, coupled with a light floral flavour.


AK 47 Effects + Benefits

The AK 47 commences with a heavenly blast of jubilation. The euphoria quickly sets in, escalating with each passing second. Users describe the sensation as gently rocking on a sailboat as the sun saturates the evening’s sky with hues of orange and purple.

Now that we’re feeling great, it’s time to use the uplifted mood for a purpose. AK 47 is great for those wishing to add some spice to their creative endeavors.

Picture your mind as a treasure chest full to the brim with untapped potential.  AK 47 is the key that unlocks the treasure chest; as a result, opening your mind.

As the euphoria soars to its peak, the sedative effects start to appear. Within moments, the entire body blankets in what people like to call, “the fuzzy’s.” In low doses, the body-stone is light, while higher ones beginning to produce a couch-lock.

Regardless of your experience, It’s an awesome choice for a later afternoon chill session.

AK 47 usually gets overshadowed by other strains, due to its affiliation to the recreational market. But, it’s medicinal uses are numerous.

Thanks to its potent uplifting energy, this is optimal for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Alongside the former, it’s also proven to relieve insomnia when taken in higher doses.

Sour moods simply do not exist with this strain. We dare you to try and not smile.

On the other hand, don’t bother. It’s not worth your time.

Up to 18-20% THC


Flavours: EarthySweetWoody

Effects: HappyRelaxedUpliftedEuphoricEnergetic

Medical: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches

18 reviews for AK 47

  1. vitalsixthsense

    This is my favorite strain that hasn’t got as much power I normally prefer high thc buds but this is a nice tasty smoke with a nice high

  2. Rosa Roberson

    THC alone does not matter, the unknowns and the Earthy Terpenes makes this strain quite relaxing. I wish I could get some more!

  3. Frankiedynomite

    One of the strongest buds I’ve tried… Regardless of the THC percentage, I first tried it in Amsterdam at the bluebird lounge café… A couple bong hits later and I fell off my chair with laughter… Because I was so ridiculously stoned… And then I walked around the city with my new friend for hours… AK-47, on the menu it said slam Bam thank you ma’am… One hit wonder… Knocks you out… A great day.

  4. GTremor

    depends on when you harvest. I tend to let it go longer to get a little more of the relaxing indica effects that go along nicely with this strains natural sativa dominant traits….creative,happy and still relaxing like your just floating through your day…If you cut it earlier you’ll get more of that energetic high that can have you’re mind racing for an hour or so


    This is one of the most energizing strains I have ever had in 40+ years of smoking. Love it in the morning. Not recomended close to bedtime..

  6. Cactusfairy

    AK-47 Strain?
    Hi all, service was exceptional! Product is good but as I am allergic to most strains, I am always looking for AK-47 Strain because I have never had any allergy symptoms. No one ever has it in stock as I need it , so I’m always hunting for it! Until I came across Legalweedstoreplug and got exactly what I was looking for with being organic, lab tested,etc. I will absolutely order again from legalweedstoreplug!

  7. Jake P.

    Micro dosing
    I like the micro doses of this product.

  8. C J.C.

    Good product
    Helped with sleep, pain reduction, relaxation. Will purchase again.

  9. piker

    Good service with Legal Weed Store Plug
    I have had a positive experience each time I reach out to Legal Weed Store Plug. Each delivery person has been prompt, helpful & courteous. I have enjoyed the AK-47 & the convenience of the preroll.

  10. Dylan S.

    Not bad
    A bit weak but the taste is good and it helps me sleep!

  11. Jamie A.

    Great Products
    Amazing products.

  12. Jim N. Williams

    Bought this strain because I was low on cash and it was cheaper. It ended up being one of my favourite strains. Very mellow high, earthy taste. Highly recommend.

  13. Raymond L. Whittaker

    Great strain! I use it for day time fishing and chilling

  14. Harvey C. Marte

    For sure its a real discovery and its exactly as described in the product description. Nothing to add but I would like to mention that its a very fresh product and very smooth on your throat.

  15. Earl S. Hernandez

    I tend to lean more on the indica side with my medicine, But when I do medicate with sativa’s it’s for day time and socializing. Laughing Buddha is perfect for socializing with friends, takes away anxiety leaving myself smiling and joking. This strain does potentially cause the giggles usually over the the most random things. Coming down it leaves me feeling relaxed and chill. One of my favorite sativas for sure. Great quality from bestpot thank you.

  16. Robert L. McGehee

    Light and funny! Very fair quality, considering this is a pretty cheap weed from legalweedstoreplug- it’s one of the best I have tried in 2018-2019

  17. Charles T. Carter

    Im in my 50’s – great sleep and good for my arthritis. Thank you legalweedstoreplug for this amazing weed.

  18. Ronald Dobbs

    Good customer service. Everything was good and i received my order. Thanks

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