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Acapulco Gold


Acapulco Gold

(13 customer reviews)

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Acapulco Gold is a relaxing walk down a Mayan Riviera beach as cotton candy skies fade to black.

An oldie but goodie, Acapulco Gold has toured the world long before you or I. Starting its journey in Mexico as the descendant of a landrace, it soon spread to every corner of the continent.



Acapulco is technically a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but most recognize it as a Sativa due to its appearance and effects. Light brown buds hang from tall, loosely packed cola’s.

It’s an easy strain to breed for beginners as the plant’s accustomed to growing in any condition. You could throw the seeds outside and come back at the end of summer to a beautiful patch!

Acapulco Gold is no slouch when it comes to the flavour department. Peppery notes and hints of lemon dance on the tastebuds, while a herbal aftertaste wraps it all up. It’s a light smoke that novice and seasoned veterans alike cherish.

Acapulco Gold Effects + Benefits

At one point, Cheech and Chong were the most recognizable stoners in the world. And one of their favourite strains to smoke was yours truly, Acapulco Gold. While the strain has come along way, the effects have stayed relatively the same.  

Shortly after smoking, a refreshing and mellow high revitalizes the mind. Acapulco’s high is as bright and relaxing as it gets.

You’d almost say the high is as sober life should be, full of wisdom, intuition and focus. From then on, its peaches and cream. Rich euphoric energy covers the body and releases anxiety.

Feelings of joy, jubilation and ecstasy take over as the body tingles from each sensation. As the high comes to an end, the user returns grounded and ready to tackle life.

Acapulco Gold is best used in the morning or daytime and provides relief from anxiety, depression and PTSD. Those afflicted with chronic pain also experience significant improvement in their condition.

Nothing better than a day without stress, affliction and roadblocks. Pave your lane and live for the moment with Acapulco Gold.

Acapulco Gold | Buy Cannabis At Legal Weed Store Plug

Up to 21-23% THC


Flavours: EarthySweetPungent

Effects: HappyRelaxedUpliftedEuphoricEnergetic

Medical: StressDepressionPainFatigueHeadaches

13 reviews for Acapulco Gold

  1. Michael M. Kane

    Fantastic strain. I ordered it specifically for my medical condition and it totally worked. Without making me high and ephoric. Excellent sleep aid.

  2. James R. Frizzell

    This strain is considered one of the best in the medical field. It’s like an honor strain.

  3. Raymond E. Smith

    Fun and energetic ganja! It felt light at first but then my mind started to race! SO my ideas – got all the work done. Smoked it 10 times already – every time is a blast!

  4. Jamie M. Giannone

    Relaxing high, decent strength. Only thing I wasn’t fond of was the taste.

  5. Steve R. Williams

    super nice for a night time and for chilling.

  6. Clarence C. Nixon

    Nice medium strength sativa
    Quick delivery!

  7. Nittanykid

    This is one awesome “old school” strain! I’ve always heard about it, but had never seen it available. Well, that just changed! I got an eighth of this strain in PA from Agri-Kind, testing at 15.5% THC. With a moderate THC level, I wasn’t expecting to get super stoned. Boy, was I wrong! The nugs were gorgeous; mossy green and covered in brownish hairs. It smelled like spicy citrus and a little earthy. But the high, the high is what really set this strain apart. I was baked for a good two hours on just two hits. I got mildly paranoid for a short while, but nothing that would prevent me from trying this strain again! If you get a chance, and want to try one of the truly “OG” strains, don’t pass it up!

  8. cookie_dough

    Literally, one of the BEST strains I ever smoked in my life. Gets you creative, pumps up the mood, gives you energy and you can suddenly notice you talk a lot. 🙂 Totally awesome.

  9. realdeal13

    A fresh lit joint of good Gold should be a taste explosion happening in your mouth, after every puff. Only pin joints are needed for this Champion Strain. A joint of A. G. lasts me from 8AM until 4PM.Then 4PM until 12PM on one bone. I love Acapulco Gold, old version of the 70’s or new version, with Hash Plant. It is much more Indica now than it was then. I’ll take it over almost any strains. It has always resonated well with me. Buy some when it comes around.You will love it! Bad ass weed.

  10. That7dsgye

    A quick head hitter and a mood up lifter. It has a rich coffee and cream taste to it smooth to your throat and lungs.Vaping this has a different feel and taste than smoking for sure.

  11. meandmysixkids

    I’m curing an Acapulco gold presently. Can hardly wait.

  12. america4u

    Ok it still is the best all around weed relax high sleep taste all the best

  13. Rhonda T.

    Good weed

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