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Vape Cartridges

Our mission is to have the LARGEST selection of wholesale vape cartridges (also known as vape oil carts  or clearomizers) in the USA!  We guarantee the LOWEST pricing on wholesale vape carts  in the USA!  As low as 47 cents each!  We will not be beat on price!

We carry metal vape carts plastic vape carts, and glass vape carts.

Our vape cartridges with wicks (1st generation technology) are very reliable and dependable. They are a favorite among vape shop owners due to their economical price and value they provide.  When every penny of profit counts, our wholesale plastic vape cartridges are the best bet. If you are interested in a vape cartridge that we don’t carry, please contact us and we will do our best to order them for you right away, or stock them for you in the future.

We offer wholesale vape cartridges in all styles or sizes.

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