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Sativa Strains

Sativa marijuana is the strain which gives people a pep in their step. It acts completely differently from indica, and so gives people energy, lifts their mood, and keeps them moving. People with depression find it helpful, as do those who have no energy, or who simply need an extra lift up that day.

An order is processed once you have decided what you want, and placed it into the basket. To make an order of cannabis sativa, choose what you want, paying attention to the product requirements, and to how much of the product you want, and then add it all to the basket. Fill in the appropriate information for the order, and then when you have decided that you are happy with what you have, you can sign off on the order.

Making payment is simple: choose what type of payment you would like to use (our store supports different types of payments), and then follow the instructions to use that method of payment. Payment usually comes along with final details for delivery and contact, and so on.

The packing process for an online order emphasises discretion, because many people specifically use online stores to keep their actions and needs quiet.

Shipping for sativa does not require any particular weight while the product is created, so it is dependent entirely on where the customer lives in relation to the store and the warehouse which supplies it.

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