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Hybrid Strains

Hybrid Flowers Strain? A hybrid strain is what you get when you mix two weed strains together that have have both indica and sativa properties. The majority of cannabis you see out on the US cannabis market are hybrids of some sort. Some being well balanced hybrid strains and some heavily leaning to either the indica or sativa side. At Legalweedstoreplug, we carry the largest variety of top quality premium hybrid strain cannabis in Canada! For more information on hybrid weed products, or for more information on the topic continue on reading!

Hybrid Flowers are some of the best weed. It is common that hybrid strains offer a good balance of both indica as well as sativa traits.  Oftentimes the onset of the high is a more sativa-high, then is followed shortly after by a nice mellow body buzz. Basically what we get is the best of both worlds! The effects that are felt will depend on the particular weed strain and its particular properties.

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